Sorare: MLB offers tournaments across all card scarcities.

At the Common level, we have:

  • Scrimmage (for new Managers playing in their first Game Week)

  • Minors (for Managers still learning how to play the game)

  • Majors (where Managers can start playing with their Limited cards)

  • Common All Star (open for all Managers to play with their Common cards)

At Limited, we have:

  • Limited All Star

  • Limited Pro

  • Limited American League

  • Limited National League

At Rare:

  • Rare All Star

  • Rare Pro

  • Rare American League

  • Rare National League

At Super Rare:

  • Super Rare All Star

  • Super Rare Pro

And finally, Unique:

  • Unique All Star

  • Unique Pro

We also offer one tournament - Sandlot - where any non-Common cards can be played.

In 'All Star' tournaments, you'll be able to win more cards of that scarcity to continue building your collection and strengthening your team.

In 'Pro' tournaments, there are fewer card rewards to win - but you can win cards of higher scarcities and progress to competing in even more tournaments.

All of our tournaments are available in the Lobby. At a glance, you'll be able to see each tournament's name, the scarcity level for eligibility in the tournament, how many card rewards will be available to win, and how many participants are currently registered for that tournament.

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